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Welcome to Sand & Sea by Ashley: Nurturing Wellness, Naturally

Our journey began with a profound realization - the importance of what we put on our skin, our body's most enormous canvas. As a mother, the birth of my daughter ignited a newfound awareness of the impact of bath and body products on our well-being. It's not just what we consume but what we absorb that matters. This revelation sparked a quest for safe, nourishing, and chemical-free alternatives, leading to the birth of Sand & Sea by Ashley.

In the early days, I embarked on a journey of experimentation, crafting soap, lotions, and scrubs in the comfort of my home. Countless trials and errors later, I emerged with a treasure trove of unique recipes - all-natural, non-toxic, and imbued with care.

The journey didn't stop there. Sharing my creations with friends and family unveiled a love and demand transcending personal circles. A thought crystallized - why not extend the joy to others, allowing them to embrace and share the purity of our products?

And so, Sand & Sea by Ashley was born, an homage to the radiant spirit of sunny Florida. But our tale doesn't end with skincare alone. Guided by a shared passion for wellness, my husband and I ventured into the realm of crafting all-natural candles, enriching the tapestry of our offerings.

In 2019, we breathed life into HFF Cosmeceuticals (Health and Family First), a testament to our commitment to fostering well-being by embracing nature.

As an environmental engineer, I hold a deep reverence for our planet. In line with our ethos, we tread lightly, utilizing 90% recycled packaging materials, with an unwavering resolve to reach 100%.

Our dedication to purity is unwavering. Our skincare treasures contain no phthalates, sulfate, paraben, alcohol, or petrochemicals. We take pride in shunning wax sourced from animals and declare our unwavering stance against testing on our cherished animal companions.

At Sand & Sea by Ashley, we honor the essence of craftsmanship. Every creation emerges from traditional methods, nurtured through small batches and the artistry of "Real Handmade" spa and skincare products untouched by machines.

Our journey is a shared voyage, and I invite you to connect with me for any inquiries, musings, or shared stories. Feel the warmth and care woven into every product.

With wellness and gratitude,



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