About Us

Welcome to Sand & Sea by Ashley!

After my daughter was born I became aware of how bath and body products are important in our life. Before that, I didn't even read the ingredients. Simply it touches and goes into our skin which is our biggest organ in the body. Those products should be healthy as our food. But there was a limited number of products free of chemicals in the market.

I started producing our own soaps, lotions, and scrubs at home. After many trial and error created my own unique recipes all-natural, non-toxic, and chemical-free.

Shared my soaps and lotions with friends and family, they love them! They become great gifts for our special days. Then the idea comes up, why not other people get access to all that products and give them as a gift to their friends and family.

Finally, I created my brand inspired by sunny Florida, Sand & Sea by Ashley.

On the way, my husband joined me and started making all-natural candles. We established our company

HFF Cosmeceuticals (Health and Family First) at the end of 2019.

I am an environmental engineer and care about the environment a lot. 90% of our packing materials are recycled materials, we are working on making it 100%.

We produce our skincare products without any phthalates, sulfate, paraben, alcohol, and petrochemical. We do not use any wax derived from animal sources. We never test our products on animals, we love them!

All products are produced with traditional methods, small batches, and machine-free "Real Handmade".

Even our stickers are cut and fixed by hand.

Just contact with me for any question.